•      Puzzle Crop Small Regretfully, the alap-beth puzzle is sold out.  Other quality Assyrian language products are still available through the links below.

About alapbeth.com

This website's mission is to connect families with resources that will help keep the Assyrian language and culture alive and relevant in the young lives of our children.  The alap-beth puzzle is the website founder's only product; all other products and resources included here have been produced by other talented members of the Assyrian community.  If you have a product you would like posted here, send me your information through the contact tab.

My name is Elaine Alkhas, the founder of alapbeth.com.  I am an American and have grown to love the Assyrian language and culture through my husband, Qasha Eprim Alkhas, and his family. I began learning to speak the language when...

...my first daughter was born, growing slowly to fluency just as a baby does.  I still have to work to keep my vocabulary and grammar just a few words ahead of my oldest daughter. Whenever she begins learning something new, I have to study up as well.

It has not been easy to raise my children in a foreign tongue, one which I am just learning myself. But now my relationship with my children has been formed in the Assyrian language, and it has become the language of my own heart. The mission of this website supports the mission of our family - we ensure that the Assyrian language is represented in play, songs, books, television, and worship.  We are proud to give our children the gift of their Assyrian language and heritage.