•      Puzzle Crop Small Regretfully, the alap-beth puzzle is sold out.  Other quality Assyrian language products are still available through the links below.

Grandma and the Fox

Grandma and the Fox is our favorite app!  Lots of interactive parts in this easy-to-follow story. Beautifully animated and clearly narrated.  Available both Eastern and Western dialects.  Thank you Rinyo!


Ms. Sarah's Memory App (currently Android OS only) can be set to Eastern or Western dialect of Neo-Aramaic.  Free version also available.

Assyrian Heritage

 The best Assyrian pride T-Shirts for kids and babies.  Does this diaper make my ishta look big?


 Beautifully illustrated, colorful, sturdy board book with rhyming text. A work of art! English text support and translation included. Written and illustrated by Julia Sorisho Rogers.

Alphabet App

Assyrian alphabet app available on both Apple and Android operating systems.

Ishtar Games

Three games in one in this app that helps kids learn the names of the colors and animals.  Available in Android and Apple OS.


This is another great resource from learnassyrian.com.  These blocks have a ton of uses, and the website has great idea videos as well.  


Traditional international Christmas favorites sung in Neo-Aramaic by the Assyrian Church of the East Youth Choir.  These beautiful songs will highlight an Assyrian cultural connection while embracing the joy of Christ's birth.

Assyrians Activity BookWritten in English, appropriate for ages 6-13 to learn about ancient Assyria. Also visit wawallap.com to browse the best collection of products from Assyrian heritage and culture.

 DictionaryAssyrian illustrated dictionary / coloring book.  Over 300 pages! (Note: No English text support)


SahraA beautifully illustrated children's book written by Romil Benyamino. Includes English text support and translation.  Also available as an interactive book for phone or tablet.